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Solar Shades and Cellular Shades

Cellular shades and solar shades can be a great option to help insulate your windows from the Florida heat. Cellular shades have a honeycomb construction, and come in varying degrees of thickness, such as a single or double layer, that you can choose based on how much light filtering or insulation you want. 

On the other hand, solar roller shades block out the UV rays while still allowing you to let in views or light, depending on the thickness of the shades you choose.  

At Bringles Blinds, we offer a variety of window solar shades and cellular shades. You can choose from different materials, closure options, and other features such as opaqueness level. Cellular and solar shades provide tons of options, depending on whether you want light-filtering, privacy, or the option to blackout your space. We also offer motorized cellular shades, cordless cellular shades, corded options, vertical cellular shades, and more.      

At Bringles Blinds, we’ll come to you for a free consultation, and take care of everything from measurement to ordering to installation. And it’s all included in one, transparent price. If you’re in the greater Bradenton-Sarasota areas, contact us to schedule your free consultation or learn more. 

Dark gray, cordless cellular shades are open at varying heights over a set of three windows in the living room of someone’s home, with a view onto a large, green, well-manicured lawn filled with trees. In front of the windows is a plant, the corner of a table, two candlesticks, and a modern lounge chair.
Gray solar roller shades are lowered halfway across a set of two windows in a home office. In front of the windows is a long, narrow table covered with plants and knick-knacks. The fuzzy outlines of treetops are visible through the windows.

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