Bringles Blinds

Exterior Shades

If you need exterior roller shades for your outdoor space, we have tons of options for you! Exterior shades make sitting on your patio in the Florida heat more enjoyable by offering protection from the sun, wind, and rain, as well as privacy from your neighbors. 

With different levels of opacity to choose from, you can keep the views while blocking out some sun, create full privacy, or some variation in between when the shades are lowered. Create a customized look and experience with motorized exterior shades, or choose a manual crank or loop chain to raise and lower your shades.

At Bringles Blinds, we’ll help you choose the right option for your style and budget, and take care of everything from measurement to ordering to installation. If you’re in the greater Bradenton-Sarasota area, contact us to schedule your free consultation or learn more.

This image shows a covered back porch with light-colored, exterior roller shades half-lowered. The exterior shades are slightly opaque, so you can sit in one of the lime green chairs on the porch and still have a glimpse through the shades to the backyard. A few potted plants line the edge of the patio.
This image shows semi-transparent, black exterior shades lowered almost all the way to the railing on the back porch. Through the shades, you could see a wide view to the horizon over a grassy space covered with trees, with plenty of blue sky and white clouds in the sky. The porch has potted plants and chairs with pillows.

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